onsdag 14 juli 2010

Vuxen öl och vanlig öl

Jag har ett konto på LinkedIn.com där jag även är med i några ölgrupper.

Det som är roligt med såna grupper är att man kan titta närmre på vissa som skriver där och se vad de har jobbat med, vad de har för bloggar osv.
Jag kollade iaf upp en kille vid namn John som har en hemsida.

Mycket, mycket rolig, bra skriven och informerande hemsida om öl och hembryggande. Inte riktigt en blogg men ändå.

En liten förklaring, kan man kanske kalla det, hittade jag som var så bra att jag kände att jag behövde skriva det här också:

Useful Terms and What They Tell You

If you see a beer label with any of the following information, it will indicate whether you are dealing with an Adult beer or just a Regular beer. This is by no means an all-inclusive list but it will give you a few good rules of thumb to work with.

Anything from Miller/Bud/Coors - Regular
Anything from Dogfish Head – Adult
Any label that has the word Light or Lite – Regular
Any label that has the word Imperial, Industrial Double, Triple or Quadruple- Adult
Goose Island – this one is tricky. Some stuff will be Regular (Honkers, Hex Nut). Others (Matilda, Demolition) will be Adult. This may take some painful trial and error on your part.
Any Belgian beer that comes in a fifth sized bottle will probably be Adult. Proceed here with extreme caution. These may taste really good at the time, but they will definitely catch up with you quick and lay the smack down on you.
Sam Adams – here, too, you will find a little of both. Boston Lager or Ale – Regular. Triple Bock or Utopias – the most Adult of all Adult beers. Reading is fundamental. Read the labels and know what you are getting yourself into.

Bottom line - You cannot treat an Adult beer like a regular beer. If you play around with Adult beers you will get hurt. You cannot just jump into drinking Adult beer, either. It is a slow, gradual process learned over a period of time, often by trial and error. When you are ready to graduate to Adult beer, you will know.

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